Here are a few testimonials from clients whose names I have changed to maintain anonymity…


“I came to Jan when I felt stuck in my own life, where I couldn’t seem to find a way out of how I was feeling.

Jan helped me to see my life in a different way and realise that things weren’t my fault and I could learn to like myself. 

I learned that the changes come from within me and counselling helped me onto that path. I am now much more self-aware and able to deal with problems in a more positive way.

I will always be grateful to Jan for being understanding, non-judgemental and patient with me.”



“I started counselling sessions with Jan a few months ago when things in my life had just got too difficult for me to cope with on my own. From the initial session Jan made me feel comfortable and at ease. I felt happy to confide in her and over the months we discussed and talked through the difficult aspects of my life. Some of it I found quite painful to discuss, but Jan supported me to persevere with my difficult feelings and confront them. I can see now how much that has helped me. I now feel far more empowered and confident in myself. I can talk about things openly now and understand why I might have felt a certain way. I feel more aware of my feelings and what to do if I feel that low again. My favourite strategy/phrase, that I’ve gained from counselling is ‘it will pass’, those three words will stay with me always. I started this year feeling quite low and negative and now I feel like I’ve really turned a corner and can start to live my life again.

Thank you Jan”



“I visited Jan for help after separating from my wife after 10 years. I was upset and felt emotionally drained. My thoughts were muddled and I was unsure of which direction to take.

Jan was a big help from the start, she helped me see things from a different perspective and helped me re-balance myself after an incredibly turbulent time.  She helped me realise early on that I would be ok, that I was going through a finite process and it was perfectly normal to be thinking and feeling the way I was.

I found Jan easy to talk to, she has a professional yet friendly and empathetic nature. I felt comfortable to be completely honest with her about all personal matters, I never felt judged, just supported. Each session felt cathartic, I would always leave Jan’s with clearer thought processes and increased positivity.

My recovery was greatly assisted and shortened with Jan’s help. She made a very difficult time in my life much more bearable by gently and skilfully supporting me along the way.

I can’t recommend Jan highly enough”.


“I sought counselling from Jan during a challenging inflection point in my life.

Jan had incredible patience in manoeuvring around my defence mechanisms (as I was quite new to therapy) and was able to help me arrive at a very real, and very raw, place of exploration around the challenges I was facing.

Very professionally, Jan acted as a kind of neutral yet encouraging guide through previously ignored and entrenched assumptions about myself and my perceptions of the world, helping me to look at them in new ways.

From this, I was able to overcome significant barriers and end a long, dark chapter of my life and chart a positive, new course for the next one. Thank you, Jan!”