Appointments & Fees


I am accepting new clients (individuals and couples). Daytime and evening appointments are available on weekdays –  online, in-person in my consulting room, or ‘Walk & Talk’.


For Walk & Talk the first session takes place online but subsequent sessions involve meeting in Leigh Library Gardens or strolling together along Marine Parade. Many people find they can think clearly and feel more comfortable outside or walking and talking – plus all the benefits of being in Nature and fresh air!


All sessions are full 1 hour


Use the CONTACT form or call or text to arrange an appointment: 0794 700 5629

I will confirm your appointment and send payment details (payment to arrive in my account 24 hours before your session, please).


You will need to pay for the session at least 24 hours in advance via Paypal or BACS transfer.

NHS and Emergency Services please scroll down for reduced fees.

Your first appointment (Individual)

At your appointment time just arrive at my door or call via Whatsapp video, Facetime, or regular phone call and I will be there waiting for you.  If you prefer to use Zoom let me know in advance so I can send you the link to join.


During the first session I will begin by asking you a number of questions about yourself. Some of these questions may not seem directly relevant to the issue that you want to discuss but they are carefully designed to help me to get to know you and build up a picture of you in the context of your unique life experiences. You may of course, ask any questions you may have.


The remainder of the session is focused on what brings you to counselling. By the end of the session I will have determined whether my approach is the most appropriate to help you. More importantly, you will have a sense of whether or not you feel comfortable to continue working with me. If we agree to continue I will explain my cancellation policy and we will arrange our next appointment. I will send you a copy of my counselling agreement which covers cancellations etc. If you are interested in Walk & Talk sessions I’ll let you know if I feel that approach is appropriate for you.


Individual: £55 per 1 hour session.

Couple: £75 per session between 1 hour and an hour and 15 minutes.

*Payment for all sessions to be made minimum 24 hours before your appointment via Paypal or BACS transfer. Thank You*


You can use this link:

If you prefer to use BACS I will send details on confirmation of your appointment.


REDUCED FEES for NHS Workers and Emergency Services

If you’re a front line (in contact with patients) NHS worker in daily contact with the public, or a member of the emergency services (Fire, Police, Ambulance) – As a gesture of support I am continuing to offer a reduced fee of £45 per session. Please let me know you’re a front line NHS worker or member of the emergency services so I don’t ask for full payment! I will ask you to send a photo of your photo ID, or other proof. Click HERE to arrange your first session.

Confidential, Supportive, Non-judgemental and Effective Counselling